Life drawing

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In our life drawing work shop you will get valuable practice from drawing live models, whether you’re a complete beginner or pro.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous skills!

You bring your own materials of your choice, but they need to be easily washed off. Suitable mediums are for example pencils, coal, watercolour, watercolour pencils, gouache, chalk or oil pastels. (Acrylic paint, oil paint and indian ink are prohibited.) Bring some protective paper if you are using paint.

Work shop fee
A requirement to participate in the work shop is that you are a member of Galleri Pictura. Apart from this, every session costs 60 SEK. You are also welcome to try out for one session without membership for 70 SEK.


Spring 2020

January 22d

Wednesdays: Gathering (payment etc) at 19:30 and the life drawing starts at 19:45 and ends at 22:00

Folkuniversitetet (3rd floor), Skomakaregatan 8, Lund.

6o SEK per session for members (or try once as a non-member for 70 SEK)

Drawing by Laura Agustín